Takura told us his story, he made his intentions clear. The boy is now a man. He has not only made his mother proud, but hip hop as a family. Remember the years we were trolled for emulating how they do it in the States. Look at us now. Takura has colored and flowered  Zimhiphop. In an interview at the Coke Studio Africa, Winky dee was asked about other artists in Zimbabwe, he said, “… we have Killer T, we have Ammara Brown and we have Takura.” Zimhiphop has made it and Takura is the torch bearer.

Not to waste your time, we are all aware of his latest noisy jam called noise. He continues to strike gold because he has got a legacy to protect and a crown to safeguard. He is not the only one in the game. We have talented youngsters and veterans who have been fighting for the culture. It’s a visibly tough contest but Takura seems to be taking a healthy lead.

In the song Noise, Mr Okay assured us that the culture is safe, ‘ndiri kusetter pace,hip hop iri safe’. The trap king reiterated the fact that his entrance into Zimhiphop was a game changer to the genre. He came, he conquered and now commands a loyal legion of fans. So far, one can safely say Takura is having a perfect run since 2016. The song Noise is accompanied with an awe inspiring video. I hope you remember the ngoro yemoto video, in the Noise video he still dazzles in fancy clothing and the dollars too. 2018, we were taking it to the streets, indeed the ghetto tale is accurately told; a muscular guy is doing his workouts, one rasta is browsing through a newspaper as smoke blurs his sight and the beautiful queen to complement his style. The visuals are impeccably clean and very rich in storytelling.

Fans believe that the award winning hip hop artist is taking a jibe at Tanto Wavie. Nonetheless, Takura opened up on the supposed rivalry and said he will not give Tanto mileage by responding. In a hotly contested music industry in Zimbabwe, Takura has put up a firm challenge and the future is bright for Zimhiphop in 2019.

You can listen to the track and watch the video here:

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