Chimana - Love yepa goshto

Talk of a single and a video combining various elements of the urban way of life for the young people, then Chimana’s Love Yepa Goshto is the piece of art we have been looking for.

Love Yepa Goshto is pretty much impressive, exquisite, especially for debutantes into the game.

The connotation for goshto in Zim is probably a place where the young meet to have fun of all sorts. And goes along with the word poshto, too.

It’s what we love about the video. The depiction of the goshto. There could have been more in terms of this but we are still impressed with the representation delivered.

The video has some elements that ensure you watch it till the end.

Watch Love Yepa Goshto below by Chimana and reach your own verdict (and oh, the duo of Chimana comprises of Karville and Musso):

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