Bazooker - kumba kwedu official video

The young breed of Chillspot Recordz artists is doing some fine work within the confines of ZimDancehall and they really have our attention.

Bazooker released the video for Kumba Kwedu, a fine piece of art that captivated many ZimDancehall listeners and transcended the ZimDancehall barrier too.

The video for Kumba Kwedu is a piece of work that shows how Bazooker is still new in the game but how he desires to be rated among the greatest. We all know the song Kumba Kwedu is a hit because of its creative, unconventional, funny, witty and insane lyrics.

We felt like the video could have been done much better in order to meet the standards of the lyrics. There is little depiction in the video of what the lyrics tell us, although he did a bit well in depicting some of the scenes.

But besides that, Bazooker is a lively artist who embraces the scenery of his upbringing.

The video is pretty quite okay, really, for ZimDancehall.

Watch Kumba Kwedu by Bazooker below and tell us what you think about it:

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