Some of you would probably not believe that this is Nick’s debut video in the game. But yes, Nick’s first video is absolutely impeccable, pristine and on point.

Nick has been releasing singles all this while, and She Wanna Go is a clear attestation to the hard work that he has been putting in his work. The video speaks volumes of hard work, determination, raw talent and perfect artistic work. As usual, Nick ropes in Anonzi Xndr in the track. He collaborates with Wayne F.O.G who does the apt chorus of the song.

The video gives a narration of a blossoming romantic relationship and of the girl who has poured out her heart to her lover, such that she wanna go with her lover.

In the first verse Nick talks of the new girl in the hood, the marriage type and speaks of the endearment that exists. The girl at first is the hard-to-get type, but eventually everything falls into place. Sweet love, with the blessing of the parents is alluded to in the first verse.

Anonzi Xndr executes coherence in the video with his second verse. Have you noticed the hashtag #LoveBhachi on Anonzi Xndr’s social media posts? “Mwana akaoma uyu anoda bhachi,”goes one of his lines in his second verse that seems to be a mix of some Nigerian and Patois, but still retains its strong vernacular flavor.

Wayne F.O.G comes in with the third verse. Again, he uses some Patois accent in his flow, telling us of how the girl does not need a player and how the girl is deeply trusted (she is not Delilah). He also goes on to talk of how the girl is an inspiration, the queen. He perpetuates the vibe of the song with ease.

The lady who plays the role of this girl is none other than Kikky Badass. What she wears envelopes the themes of the song and is the appropriate description to the girl being praised in the song. Kikky plays her role very well, revealingly, and also entices your mind into a flurry of imaginations.

Produced by Anonzi Xndr and directed by Vusa Blaqs, Nick’s debut video is not one to miss. It’s just that video you want from a young musician making great strides in the game.

Your views may be divergent, watch the video:


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