Apart from the famous ED Mnangagwa scarf there is another lit clothing that is making us do the excited Mukadota dance.Famous musician Oliver Mtukudzi came on stage during his Cape Town tour rocking a sweater with Zimbabwean flag colors and twimbos went crazy about it. People loved the sweater and some people even offered more than what the sweater is worth for them just to have it in their wardrobe. The main question now is who is behind the designing of that sweater? So after searching through the internet back and forth we came through a page called Ukuu Designs on facebook.

Ukuu Designs was established by Kudakwashe Nhumbuzviyo a Zimbabwe-born entrepreneur based in Cape Town, South Africa. He started the brand/manufacturing company a year ago with making t-shirts for himself. ”Everyone around me appreciated the designs that I had on my t-shirts,so it got thinking that maybe fashion was not a hobby but actually a business”, says Kudakwashe Nhumbuzviyo. After that revelation Ukuu Designs was born. Ukuu means greatness in Swahili and the brand aims to inspire greatness to everyone they come across with.

James Chaipa wearing Ukuu Famous Sweater

As a person who travels a lot to different countries, he wanted something that made him proud of where is from apart from wearing African Print. After days of sketching and erasing, he came up with the design of a sweater that involved Zimbabwe Colors and the famous African Fish Eagle Bird. Kudakwashe Nhumbuzviyo manufactures the sweater which saves time and cost of having some company do it for him.

Kudakwashe Nhumbuzviyo (far right) wearing Ukuu Sweaters with Friends

The sweaters comes in black and white, adorned with bright Zimbabwean colors and the famous Zimbabwean bird on the flag. They can be available as well in hoodie style. These sweaters are famous among Zimbabweans especially those who are based in Cape Town.

For those who would want to purchase the sweaters do so on the Ukuu Facebook Page and rock the sweater proudly like what Samanyanga did.

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