Crowd problems and violence continue to taint our football as a hub for hooliganism and that if things do not go the fans’ way it is their onus to mete out what they perceive to be justice.

What violence only does is to drag our game into the abyss of negativity, and it gives the game a bad look and an awful taste. The match between Shabanie Mine and Caps United had to be abandoned following crowd problems mainly stemming from the disgruntlement of the Caps United fans with how the score line looked like.

Zimbabwe football is not a haven for hooliganism and violence. This negates the aspect of sportsmanship, and the beauty of the game itself.

Over the years many matches have had to be abandoned due to crowd problems, and this is not a good sign of where the game is going.

The Chibuku Super Cup flow has been stalled now, because a certain section of fans decided it was right to express divergent views through violence. It’s like some people are hell-bent on giving Zimbabwean football a bad name.

Violence has no room in our game, and if fans feel unhappy about how the game would have progressed, there are other ways to express that without resorting to violence.

Sponsorship is affected due to these shenanigans exhibited by some people.

It’s time we totally abhor the menace of violence of in our football.

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