Our country is not a bad a nation. Our country is not a poor nation. Our country is only one where there are misplaced priorities.

As we speak, so many things are not right with our country. At one point, we were a beacon of hope to this continent. Right now, we have been relegated to a mere and ignominious semblance of despair. At one point we oozed with great potential, former Tanzanian president even termed this country “a Jewel of Africa.” In one of the late Professor Ali Al Amin Mazrui’s documentaries in the early 90s, he applauded the food security in the country. We were great. We still are, but just not in a certain favourable manner that would work for everyone.

The country is plagued by a biting liquidity crunch, the majority of people struggle to make ends meet, there is a dilapidated health system and basically even our moral fibre is under a grave risk of ominous decay. Now this is not to paint a gloomy picture of the country, but this is the reality we are faced with. The human rights record in this country is not that pleasing. There is a hostile business environment which does not attract investors. The economy never recovers, and it is quite bad for many of the people out there who have limited access to opportunities. The politics from both ends is in total disarray, conveying a debilitating sense of apathy to the people.

One could go on and on about what’s wrong with Zimbabwe. They may even fail to at least appreciate the modicum of beauty that Zimbabwe still retains. Zimbabwe can do better than this. And it starts from the people themselves. People need to hold their leaders accountable. Well, in instances where this may happen this is usually met with a certain type of violence meted on those who may attempt to. So people need to make the right choices in selecting their leaders. Politics is very deceiving. But not participating does more harm than we can imagine.

Zimbabwe is a country where human rights are sidelined in certain scenarios. I wish for a country where the will of the people is respected. Where the judiciary is impartial, where the electoral commission acts independently. A country where people are not subjected to abject poverty. A country where people get their money they have put in banks. A country where the people stand up in tremendous unison against their leaders when the latter go out of line. I may dream this and it may never happen.

But that’s the Zimbabwe I wish for. We can do better as a nation.

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