DroCole - Gutta Plan mixtape

DroCole has released a new mixtape called Gutta Plan and it is basically a declaration of how awesome he feels he is a good rapper in the making, and rising.

Gutta Plan rides on that “Hey I’m awesome, have you checked me out yet” tip and it’s understandable, although the listener may be left with questions on how this is proven beyond the lyrics. The lyrics DroCole uses throughout the mixtape show a young ambitious rapper who does not care what others think about him in negative terms. All he cares for is how his music is getting out there.

The mixtape has that underground, yet ambitious feel which is difficult to ignore. One way or the other, you just find yourself paying attention to it. We feel it’s what he wants the listeners to know – that he is a worthy rapper rising. That he has something to say out there and to prove too.

Even though he is still a rapper in the making, he wants to make it a point that he has a solid plan on getting himself out there and in being recognized. There is a strong desire to be heard, a strong desire to be ranked among the best. In essence, that’s what Gutta Plan preaches, at least according to our perspective.

The way his sound is constructed teases you with an exotic feel that makes you want to complete listening to the whole project. Yeah. DroCole definitely wants to be heard. DroCole certainly wants it all. That no holds barred feeling.

A feel of his opening tracks contain that thing of some self-praise. It’s something almost every rapper is tempted to do. But DroCole does it in a manner that leaves you kinda satisfied. But yeah, lots of self-praise in there. Some declaratory lyrics, you know.

His vocals sound strained on some parts in his songs, but you can clearly hear it’s a voice trying the best, a voice wanting to be heard. The beats are woven in a good way, although some parts tell us there is room for improvement. There is this palpable potential one gets drawn to when listening to this mixtape.

Dro Cole exudes lots of confidence in his work. Real lots of confidence. His lyrics show he is not afraid to speak what he is like, even though he is just an upcoming artist. Probably, a way to get back to his work again. Perhaps. The track Born To Reign is that type of work where you really feel yeah, so this dude was actually born to reign eh? And then the questioning begins, while you are still hooked to his work.

Love also comes into the mix as seen in the tracks I Luh You, My Girl. Heart of a Champion rides on that wave too, with some additions of loyalty in society and our basic human relations. And even religion too. He’s got some skeptical opinions towards religion. Christianity, actually.

He’s got some unkind words for those not on the same wavelength with him. Subtle disses. One can feel DroCole had lots of space to bring out other issues, but lets just presume that’s for other projects to come in the future. That way, he will justify all the self-praises in the mixtape.

DroCole also touches on sensual pleasures and the matters of the heart.

It’s not bad work, actually. You can lend an ear to it.

Listen to Gutta Plan mixtape by DroCole below:

You can download it via this Dropbox link or via this Audiomack link.

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