Roki can deliver more

Professing honesty, Rockford Josphats, whom we know as Roki is a super talented artist. He is versatile, and has the capacity to reinvent himself and his sound.

His vocals are par excellence, and his style is something you will always grow to love.

We have seen more from him lately, with his recent excellent work on Huya Undichukuchire by Xtra Large. There was a good number of positive comments when the video was posted on YouTube.

The general sense would be that Roki almost overshadowed Xtra Large. He did well, and we love that.

But does Roki realize that he has the massive chance of being one of Zimbabwe’s biggest musical exports? Does he have the capability of delivering more? We strongly believe he can surpass what is doing now. We are pleased he is back.

Roki is madly talented. Most of the works he has been featuring on attest to this. What he did on Alleluya with ExQ, what he did on Journey with DJ Stavo, it’s impressive.

He can still do more. We love him.

We crave more of him. We crave more from him. Maybe he can be a bit serious about music this time.

You can enjoy Roki below:

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