The print media in Zimbabwe has of late come under a barrage of attacks for being heavily polarized. There’s too much focus on factional squabbles in the political sphere, and an inclination towards this or that party.

People have accused the country’s main newspapers of clearly taking interests in conflicting political matters. The state media appears to be so biased towards the current regime such that it has become almost exasperating. Opposition views are blatantly trashed, it’s like the opposition does not exist. There’s a lot of bootlicking that boggles the mind. The real truth is not told. You can clearly see the factional wars going in the ruling party by reading the state newspapers.

The private media is hailed by many for standing for the truth. However it is also not spared from the sickening polarization. They also focus on petty political squabbles, as if there are no better stories to tell. In fact at times the private media seems to be laden with gloom. There’s just conflict. And more conflict.

Such is the polarization of the print media in Zimbabwe. In as much as people may complain, it just seems to be far from over.

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