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Enzo Ishall

Kanjiva. Smart Rinotangira kutsoka. Ndarasa Mbanje. Chiita Kwacho. Shavi rako rinoda 50 magate. These are some of Enzo Ishall’s hits that have captured the attention of so many people in Zimbabwe, even those who are not ardent fans of the genre called ZimDancehall.

Enzo Ishall has been a blessing to ZimDancehall, honestly. Under Chillspot Recordz, Enzo Ishall has managed to consistently release hit after hit. He has been ably assisted by the excellence of producers Fantan and Levels, who also head Chillspot Recordz.

It’s Enzo Ishall’s capability to continuously release hits that has our attention the most. It’s this ability that has him having music which is appealing even to non-Zimdancehall fans. And his hits have easily made him a Zimdancehall sensation as of now.

He has amazing story-telling abilities, which are very unique in ZimDancehall. There is less of egocentricity in his lyrics.

Right from his breakout hit, Chiita Kwacho off the Panomhanya Munhu Riddim, it was easy to tell how much of a good story-teller he is. The trend continued with songs such as Ndarasa Mbanje, Matsimba, Zunguza Besu, Ukunzwa, Next Time and Kanjiva, among many others. His latest song, 50 Magate, is an attestation of how lyrically gifted Enzo Ishall is, and how no one can ever take away that from him. It’s his unique gift which has made him endearing to his growing fan-base.

He also has a way to encapsulate what happens in the ‘ghetto’ but in a beautiful way, in a way that makes you appreciate the good from that side. He is immensely proud of his background and this is mirrored in his music.

His phenomenal rise has been beautiful to watch, and exciting to follow. His lyrical content continues to grow richer, and there is now a lot of interest in his music.

One would hope for Enzo Ishall to continue on this impressive trajectory, and to maintain his consistency. Fans are hungry for more music from him.

He is an amazing talent, and he gives a positive picture about ZimDancehall, and in this regard the whole industry ought to appreciate him for this.

Enzo Ishall is a ZimDancehall sensation right now, undoubtedly.

And we expect more captivating stories from him.

Listen to his latest offering, 50 MaGate below and tell us what you think:

50 MaGate!!!

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