Election time has arrived yet again and a lot of uncertainty hangs in the air. The much-hyped MDC Alliance is slowly taking shape, in the midst of seemingly endless squabbles.

The political squabbles have hampered the quick success of the coalescing of various opposition parties. Violence has taken its toll especially in the MDC-T party as regards the newly-formed opposition alliance. It becomes evident that the opposition fraternity has a long way to go in terms of uniting for a sole common purpose.

This issue of divergent views in the wake of a common enemy has resulted in the opposition parties failing to dislodge Zanu-PF and its hegemony in the country’s political arena. Some of the opposition politicians vying for Parliamentary seats have developed selfish goals and agendas. For as long as they manage to successfully campaign for their seats, the rest ceases to hold any purpose. They will not support the presidential candidate and will opt for the “bhora musango” strategy.

This emanates from the mere fact of divergent views and lack of unity. If candidates in opposition political candidates could only rally around a common goal and resolve their personal differences that act as impediments to the unity of the opposition force, it would be very commendable and could have meaningful impact.

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