We could fear even the name of the country could be changed. It’s so uncertain. But it is none of our business.

Zimbabwean politics is strange, and also fascinating. You can easily get stress from what unfolds in the political arena of the tiny nation that has its life squeezed out through fierce economic sanctions.

Then we have the origination of a huge Mugabe legacy. When he is gone, this country must ooze Mugabe. It must reflect Mugabe. It must be a Mugabe country. The recent announcement that there is going to be the renaming of the Harare International Airport to the more fancy name RG Mugabe International Airport is an attestation to this.

It’s not only the airport. Next year on 21 February we will all be rested because the revolutionary iconic leader’s birthday is now a public holiday. Interesting isn’t it?

Plans to build a billion-dollar Robert Mugabe University are underway. So you can see how this tiny country is a reflection of the huge legacy which is going to be left by Robert Mugabe. Mugabe did a lot for this country. He set us free. He delivered us from the toxic grip of the white settler farmers. That was remarkable. He has safeguarded the interests of our nation in the myriad of many hostilities from the outside world. Above all, he remains religiously loyal to our sovereignty.

But with the cost that has come from such an excellent history of the great revered leader, contempt for him has found its way through this nation. He has presided over some unfortunate and undesirable circumstance. Because of this, it makes us wonder if the people are going to warmly welcome his legacy.

They say he has delivered nothing tangible for the citizens except more suffering. Except abject poverty.

We really are concerned that this legacy will be in vain.

Anyway, it’s just Zimbabwean politics.

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