dadza d and guspy warrior album

Anyone who is thoroughly familiar with dancehall music in Zimbabwe will attest to the fact that Dadza D and Guspy Warrior are some of the greatest pioneers and proponents of the genre. They have defied boundaries with their powerful music as solo acts and one is always guarantted an electric live performance whenever they hit the stage and perform.

This year, the two giants joined forces and blessed us with a double album, the Undisputed Album, which contains a total of 24 tracks. This project is testament to the unending talent in Zimbabwean music and the hunger to scale new heights with new projects all the time. It had been a long time coming.

The Undisputed double album is laden with a plethora of relatable and real-life themes familiar with anyone within the borders of Zimbabwe. The way they conflate their powerful voices to come up with stories everyone can understand is spectacular.

They cover a range of issues such as relationships and marriages, drug abuse, social justice, merry-making, parent-child relationships and money. And of course, extolling and praising marijuana. It is a solid project as far as ReggaeDancehall in Zimbabwe is concerned. It is a blessing.

The content in the album is simply top-notch and one gets the feeling that nothing can break the music chemistry between Guspy Warrior and Dadza D.

You can download and listen to the album here and tell us what you think.


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