By Takudzwa Kadzura

As this music junkie continues to wander and explore the Zim Hip Hop streets, very few times have I been completely absorbed in the works of these chanters. Kae Chaps is one of those MCs who can spoil your work ethics by continuously playing his music against your plans.

I met this rich and creamy voice in one of these WhatsApp groups through his mellifluous Sadza Rinake hit. Accompanied with hard hitting bars, Kae Chaps’ November 20 EP is one of the greatest hip hop products in the country, yet underrated.

Kudakwashe Chapepa is a 22 year old musician from Rugare, Harare. One admirable quality of this young hip hop kingpin is his humility and utmost respect for his biggest customers, the fans. He is ready to interact and share his remarkable journey which kick-started when he was 13 when he had his first recording.

However he was to return in the game after completing his studies and started recording professionally at the age of 18. Kae Chaps returned with the popular Type Yangu and he shared with us, “Type Yangu was well received but it was only after follow ups such as Vane Dhimon, Pafeya, Horror, amongst others… the inspiration behind my craft is basically my life and what I go through on a daily basis. If you listen to my music you realize that it is more of a very personal journey, usually life struggles.

You could feel the zeal to conquer in the youngster’s text, he believes his own predicaments are a powerful trigger to stardom. From his projects I have managed to acknowledge Sadza Rinake, Bhima Nechimhamha, November20 killshot freestyle and Nah Man Behind.

His track Bhima Nechimhamha will surely alert you that the kid is not around for fun but to take his grind to the top and be the torch bearer of the fast growing genre. Bhima and chimhamha are symbols of the privileges we the ghetto youths have been deprived of in this burning country. Bhima nechimhamha is one of those songs which we expect to hear in clubs, the lyrics and the beat are that hip hop we see from international artists. In the song Nah Man Behind.

Kae Chaps preaches unity of purpose, the power of coming together and how a brother should never leave his own behind struggling which comes as a powerful message to the youths. Age is also still on his side and thank heavens the youngster has already matured and ready to inspire his fellow upcoming stars.

For 2019, Kae Chaps is planning to raid the industry through visuals and collaborations. He is also expecting interviews and live shows on popular platforms and hopefully he can step up. The future is bright.

Listen to his work here:

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