We all know the song that made us fall in love with Paul M Martin back in 2016 featuring DJ Ace Tanner which was playing non stop on ZBC and it made it to the Top ten Zimbabwean songs on Zambezi Magic.He is back with new attitude,new music and new creative strategy.As for me Donovan Faranando (DF) representing The Hangout Duo had a chance to speak with Paul M Martin (PM) as we are about showcasing rising talent right here in Cape Town and also celebrate our very own.Check out how the conversation went about below.

DF:Who is Paul M Martin?
PM:Paul Madzviti Martin is a versatile singer songwriter from Zimbabwe currently residing in Capetown South Africa. He broke into the music scene in august 2016 when he released his single Made 4 love.

DF:What made you take a break from music?
PM:The music scene can be really stressful when you are a new artist. The constant need of finances to promote yourself, it took a heavy toll on me. I needed the time to find myself, get a regular job that could pay the bills, and work on new music, most importantly raising money for more visuals.
It would have been better if there were more promoters out there, especially in Zimbabwe, l believe a lot of people are very talented there.

DF:We know you have relocated and how has been the journey so far?
PM:The journey has been overwhelming,Capetown is a really beautiful place. A good place to be creative too.I have been meeting incredibly nice people here, other upcoming artists and producers.

DF:Made 4 love made us crazy,is there a new hit song in your bag?
PM:Lol.Thanks man. l have been working with a local talented artist, he’s name is Leigh Hondy, together with my old producer Dj Ace Tanner. We are going to be releasing my first single this year, called Sensual. It will be a nice feel good upbeat song.

DF:Any album release yet?
PM:I released one in 2016 called The beginning.. Which was experimental and very diverse, from RnB to soft rock and a bit of electro. People can access it on my SoundCloud for free. soundcloud.com/paulmmartin

DF:What’s important when it comes to your music?
PM:My music comes from a place of real emotion and depth. That is important to me. I like the songwriting process, which starts with nothing but a melody, and evolves into something beautiful.

DF:Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
PM:I see myself having more work put out there, mostly leaning towards visuals. A lot of live performances because l really enjoy them, and possibly becoming a household name.

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