There is an outstanding rate in growth when it comes to talent in Zimbabwe. Most of it is seen by consistency,hard work and mostly the ability to stand out amongst many others in a country full of young vibrant, gifted and competitive artists.
Today, we focus on Zimbabwean talent making waves in the city of Cape Town,South Africa and beyond! A whole vibe known as Tashinga is not only taking over the entertainment industry,but is also making history in the film and photography industry. A Jack of all trades who specialises in disc jockey,Videography, Photography,Film directing and entrepreneurship.
Born as Tashinga Mutakwa, he started off with an Information Technology and Business background. At the age of 16 years,he was determined to become an Information Technology guru. He set out on a journey to Cape Town,South Africa to study just that.
Fate and passion however had set out a different path for him,where he found himself enrolling for film directing at AFDA instead. From then on, it has only been uphill for his career as a creative.
He self taught himself to be a DJ. This happened when he realised his love for the night life and entertaining a crowd. It has since been a major success as a result of his determination to make it in a place away from home. He has worked with different big names in the South African music industry such as NAKED Dj, DJ Capital, VJ Jonno and to name a few.
Apart from being the man on the mix, he also boast as an event manager and a entrepreneur. He gave people unforgettable experiences from organising parties that involved local celebrities to memorable house parties. Sadly now he’s only focusing on playing at events and running a business. Currently having gigs in Cape Town, working with different publications such as Vutha Magazine as a photographer and running a media company called Greenback Media Group. Tashinga is an embodiment of success and perseverance. We wish him all the best in everything that he does. We are looking forward to him coming to play maybe at Unplugged Zimbabwe or any other show. (Hello Organisers)
”Along the way,you will meet people who won’t believe in your craft ,but it is important that you believe in yourself more than anyone”. 
As Tashinga advices aspiring artists. He also advises that you do not have to try to please everyone,take every single shot at life, life is finite so make it a habit to explore as many careers and you can.

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