Zimbabwe Fashion Week was underway 2 weeks ago and it was majestic to watch. The fashion show ran under the theme ‘rebirth’ and a lot of people praised it as the best ever fashion week to date. A lot of local celebrities,socialites, designers were in attendance but one designer who really impressed a lot of people is the ever hard working Tapfumanei Munenge aka COCO.

Queer Romance Collection by Tapfumanei Munenge (Photo Credit:ZFW Fcaebook)

Tapfumanei “Coco’ Munenge is a force to be reckoned with in Zimbabwe’s fashion industry as he always brings something new,unique and amazing to the runway. The recently ended Zimbabwean Fashion Week really was another gold day for the fierce fashion designer as he showcased his high end couture. From Queer Romance SS19 collection to Safari Chic Collection which he collaborated with David Mnaba under the Web Incorporated label,the runway was absolutely meant to be his palace. The Queer Romance collection was one of my favourite collection from him as I’m in love with white, flowers and satin. The collection ranged from dresses,bridal wear, jackets and formal suits for men. One of the rising male models in Zimbabwe Liam Hall did justice on the runway to the 3 piece suit which is absolutely breath-taking and I wouldn’t mind wearing it on my wedding day.

Liam Hall in Queer Romance by Tapfumanei Munenge (Photo Credit: ZFW facebook page)

Tapfumanei has been consistent and he is now a household name in the fashion industry as many upcoming designers looks up to him for inspiration and we can’t run away from the fact that his fashion sense is as impeccable as David Tlale’s (SA fashion designer).His state of mind can be seen through his clothes and the voice that echoes from there definitely is something that needs to be heard and celebrated. Ameera Mimi, Karen Paida, Hollywood Lee, Gilmore Tee are among Zimbabwean celebrities he has dressed so far. It shows that people appreciate his designs and we can’t wait for him to be internationally acclaimed.

Queer Romance Collection by Tapfumanei Munenge (Photo Credit: ZFW facebook page)

Fashion is expected to contribute a higher percentage in terms of revenue, but with lack of support and funding, creatives are hindered from expanding and growing to their full potential. We don’t only need monetary support; we need relevant workshops that support the cause and the establishment of a fashion council that regulates the local products to match international standards says the designer from his last year’s interview with Harare Magazine.

Despite these support structural hindrances the designer has proved himself and to us that sometimes you don’t need to wait on people to do things for you as long as you are passionate about it, nothing can stop you hence why we have dubbed the name King of Couture as he is the best there is in the fashion industry.

For more of Tapfumanei Munenge’s Zim Fashion Week collection. Visit his facebook page


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