Tamy Moyo new video Zviroto

Tamy and Tamuka can’t get rid of their affair. Who knew it wouldn’t end with just their names? Their combo continues to inspire and attract. Their first encounter gave birth to Kwatinobva, a patriotic revelation by this ever-glowing songbird.

Now I see why Asaph reiterated in his EP – a lot of Tamy affection. Her devastating confidence, great songwriting and creamy vocals add up to make the brightest music future on the land. Keeping it musically, we love her.

The first verse she goes deep just to ease a man’s drooling and grumbling. My first reaction to this track was ‘Oh this is the Burna Boy typa sound’. The sound that can set the African music safari ablaze. Tamy was part of this year’s Coke On The Beat 2019 edition. She must have learnt a lot. Back then we would try to compare her with Chiwoniso Maraire but alas Tamy is a bit too much of Afro pop than our Gwenyambirakadzi music which was written ‘Zimbabwe’ all over it. Ammara Brown continues to support this little and rising queen – she wrote on YouTube,’ well done honey! You’re settling into your womanhood. Keep moving’ and that’s leadership right here, aye. Tamy perfomed at the Ammartia Ignite last year. Another good gesture by the one of the leading pop artists in the country.

The video exhibits identity crisis, invisible to many because it has been normalized mixing cultures and that has been her trademark. Tamy represents a generation that has been westernized and we stuck in between. The doek she wears on her head and the jeans are a simple demonstration of this assertion. That is Tamy’s business concept, the unique selling point. The grannies in the video also represent these opinions through their dressing. It’s strong hate towards old age.

To an extent we are a much more attractive generation stuck in between modernity and tradition. The dancers look like ancient African warriors and again appear in modern day fashion. She stands amongst graduates in black gowns. The dull colors reflect a dark future for the university graduates whilst she is clobbered in a mini white gown. For her she has graduated in the music industry and now looks beyond the student days as an upcoming artiste – zviroto.

Perhaps the future is brighter in the streets than on the desk. From the lyrics these are just bars telling the haters that she is her ancestor’s wildest dreams and you know she is killing it. She is proud of her dream as she celebrates it before realizing it.

The video was well crafted and the sound is immaculate. Kudos Kmane for the artful visuals.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think. Tamy yeah yeah!

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