Takura zvermoyo

Ndokuda nemoyo wangu wese and that’s all I wanna do…pukuta misodzi nyarara. Hello girls how do you feel when this one is dedicated to you? It’s Takura right here baby. As a bro I would feel this nigga is just being hard on us, now that our girls are screaming at his name but it’s okay Mr Okay we hold no grudge.

These are love gems, undoubtedly the finest love songs recently have been coming from Takura, check the waves made by Mai Mwana and Can’t Get Over You. This year we have Zvemoyo. Let’s see, he goes from comforting his other half, he assures her and clears the air on the gossip that has become a potential threat to their marital affair. He tells Mai Shonhai that people are gonna talk, don’t they? He’s a guy fighting against intruders in his relationship.

The bae is advised against losing focus and lose sleep over hearsay ‘zvemakuhwa ndezvavo’. Zvemoyo, heart matters do not need referees and managers like in football.

The Zim Hip Hop new school leader has been at his best ever since he broke into mainstream. Now, he’s now rubbing shoulders with giants in the industry and has earned a place for all the big concerts and this Friday he is going to share the stage with Patoranking, wow.

The visuals are just impeccable, the choreography is excellent in so many ways. It’s hard to declare something perfect but this was just on point. You can actually deduce the storyline without listening to the audio. Mai Shonhai is bitter, she has heard about Shami and Tari the supposed small houses but Takura is saying no to that. This is a genuine message to every relationship, sometimes people just want to see your empire crumbling, they do not want to see that relationship intact and it is wiser to avoid breaking down before you are sure that your partner is cheating.

Enough talk, Takura is cementing his position as the hottest MC. We love how he is representing Zim Hip Hop. The video has been well received and we continuously hope that it inspires several Zim Hip Hop artists.

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