Tahle's video for Teleunga was taken down by MIlitary Touch Movement's DJ Tamuka

So, a bit of drama in the Zimbabwean entertainment space. Tahle weDzinza had her video for Teleunga taken down from YouTube due to a copyright claim by DJ Tamuka.

The reports doing the rounds are that DJ Tamuka did not finish the production for Teleunga and then Tahle took the song to another producer, DJ Maga of Kenako music. Tahle’s contract with Military Touch Movement (MTM) states that she can have her music recorded for free, but she is not allowed to distribute the songs.

So what could have gone wrong? Is there drama in the Military Touch Movement camp?

The video was released on YouTube over the weekend, directed by Simba Gee. Simba Gee was very incensed with the action from Tamuka.

It could be that Tamuka wants to show Tahle who the boss is, where the power lies. But if Jah Prayzah is the pioneer of this whole grouping, the plot could get thicker.

The video does not have an MTM logo. So for an establishment of their nature, they need some marketing. If the videos do not contain the MTM logo, which could be due to a myriad of factors like simply not wanting to or not notifying management, it will be bad business for MTM.

Or Tahle is greatly dissatisfied with MTM. I mean, why did Tamuka take long to complete the song?

An interesting factor is that when it was still audio, receiving good airplay on radio, no copyright claim was made. Only to be made when the video is out.


There are some interesting factors to this story, and with the progression of time, we’ll learn more, really.

You can listen to Tahle’s Teleunga here:

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