Synik soul steez ep new zim hip hop

Award-winning hip-hop artist Gerald Mugwenhi, whom we affectionately know as Synik, dropped a new soulful EP that is replete with meditation vibes for the mind and soul. It is an exciting hip-hop journey that encapsulates the essence of what true hip-hop feels like – music that speaks to your inner self.

The Soul Steez EP was made in collaboration with Phil Chronics and the production on the project is top class. It makes you want to listen to the EP more and more.

If you are a fan of slow, boom-bap vibes, then this is the project for you. Throughout the whole EP one gets the feeling of an artist not in a rush, but one who has taken his time to convey relatable messages that uplift the soul.

It is music you feel, as the first song Sumn You Feel says. His choice of words mirrors an intelligent, reflective mind at work.

He comes through with some thought-provoking raps mellow rap melodies basically interrogating the twisted set-up of the world in which we feed off toxic propaganda, a world where narratives are turned upside-down to suit the capitalist needs of dominant class and to mask the racial biases that determine our lives.

It’s the journey of a writer who has put his love of art into action. A nostalgic tone runs through the course of the project, with Synik taking us down a memory lane to relive our childhoods – perhaps a break from the stressful and packed adult lives we all have to content with.

Synik has a unique gift of immortalizing words. His poetry brings to the fore the most important issues afflicting the mind, the self, the society, the arts industry. He is careful with what he delivers, because he only delivers sense.

It’s an inspirational work, probably giving us the impression that when it gets a lil bit tough, all you have to do is write on. Just like that.

This is not music you just listen to, this is music you deeply and genuinely feel.

You can listen to the Soulsteez EP by Synik here:

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