Asaph Zimbabwe The People's Rapper

“Shoko they want an encore, that was bigger than Enzo, the Mambo consistent with the action, I hit the HIGHEST SCORE and all I needed was PASSION, a prophet in my city, power in my pen,” he raps.

The first Fife Street flow in the People’s Rapper EP is one of 2019’s hip hop tracks we always thought had the best verse for the year. You can only believe it when the Mambo hit maker says it, “value doesn’t beg.” In as much as hip hop may need drama, publicity stunts or any shoddy hustles, Asaph hasn’t been that desperate hence we are interested in his game plan which is just full of substance. That again brings into account how the man remains focused despite the challenges. The challenge in Asaph’s context might be Awards, shows, airplay or anything but he still stays resolute and knows he is the king of rap – the greatest in the city, the greatest in the country.

“But most of these awards are faker than the money but still I lead the way, you stealing nothing from me.” In the People’s Rapper EP review we mentioned how Tafadzwa Tarukwana is becoming more than just a rapper but another King from Bulawayo who’s on a mission to erase the tribal lines ‘unite the country with rapping could actually happen’. This then defines Asaph’s game plan which seems to be bigger than hip hop alone but a vision to conquer the whole nation. He recently changed his tag from TheBoyAsaph to AsaphAfrica, reinforcing his bigger dreams game plan.

The above quoted lines are ripped from his latest freestyle, Fife Street Freestyle III. He dropped the freestyle on his birthday the 11th of January and in celebration of that milestone he addressed all the business you might wanna hear from the situation in the country to his own endeavors. You really owe the emcee an apology if you ever doubted him.

Asaph recorded a successful 2019 when it comes to shows, a major concern in the hip hop arena. He earned slots in high profile gigs and that could again be the story this year -they overlook because I’m not using vernac but I’m consistent with the fire, now they treat me like a threat. Fife Street is just the true and real rap you may have missed and for more, Asaph music is the right place.

Listen to the song here and tell us what you think.

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