By Takudzwa Kadzura

Getting better with age did not end with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Stunner is proving that and like wine he is getting tastier.

The scramble for zimhiphop kingship has fast become intensive with the emergence of fresh talent on the mainstream.

Let alone Stunner’s Maindiitisa and the latest duet with Ti Gonzi Huruwek proves he is not letting it slip in his sight. Bragging on one’s style and material possessions is a motif in this urban genre but stunner’s recent products have defied that and thus cementing this year’s theme, ‘take it to the streets’.

Maindiitisa is a an apt reflection of socio-economic patterns of life in the country. He effectively employs a bitter tone in slamming the education system in zimbabwe. stunner showcases superiority of hustle over academic qualifications. The video is a beautiful visual as well, notable is a scene where a girl wearing graduation regalia and holding a bundle of vegetables.

This is not only master class but an elegant reflection on the Zimbabwe’s current struggles, it ironically portrays life after completing tertiary education henceforth the song title Maindiitisa, well done Dziva.

Listen to Maindiitisa here:

The Zimhiphop Awards 2018 did not deter Stunner from striking gold again, as mentioned earlier that the competition has become stiffer.

Stunner and Ti Gonzi are a personification of maturity, perfect front runners and exemplary role models. Everybody remembers back in 2016 when the two were at loggerheads for reasons which remain mystical and hypothetically addressed.

Hip hop coming back to the ghetto was a major turning in its success this year. Huruwek by Stunner and Ti Gonzi is no mediocre, a touch of genius. The two showcased their storytelling skills, revealing various societal issues in the contemporary Zimbabwean ghetto life.

The youths from the low density with lavish lifestyles, how they come down to the ghetto to get girls using their financial might and how they get victimized by the ghetto youths themselves who lack resources to attract the same girls.

Huruwek is then how they get dispossessed off their lavish chains, expensive watches and flashy cloth in an unfriendly manner as revenge. Huruwek is a warning shot to ZimDancehall and it shows how appealing Zim Hip Hop can be to the ghetto youths in the high density suburbs as well. The song together with its video embodies a beautiful literature which elaborates the precise characteristics of the ghetto social vices.

The energy in this song is an excellent end of year gift to the music lovers. The rhyme is undoubtedly artistic and poetic further reinforcing the duo’s superiority in lyricism, a field which Ti Gonzi is a godfather. This caps off a groundbreaking year for ZimHipHop, Dziva is surely getting it right and 2019 is for hip hop.

Listen to Huruwek here:

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