Art is a powerful means of conveying important societal messages that affect our lives in many dimensions. Below is a poem from Zimbabwe Medical Students Association to highlight the issue of cancer:

Green patches in a sea of brown grass,
Hot wind courteously brushing sun burnt crispy leaves,
A mirage shinning in a distance,
Like a sea of crushed glass.
Light grey mountains stand aloof along the horizon,
A blanket of engulfing flames and smoke,
All starting from a small splinter,
A lump in his chest,
Made him stop wearing vests,
The painful nipple changing day by day,
But he was too ashamed of what was growing on him,
He saw it as an insult to his manhood,
He could imagine the stigma,
If this became known to anyone in his neighbourhood,
She did the same when she discovered a tumour,
She saw the rashes and felt the pain,
Screening or mammography were words she never knew,
She thought prognosis was never a reality,
So she gave up her chance for longer survival….

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