From a distant, Tapiwa identifies Taremeredzwa, his dad. With so much joy and happiness Tapiwa runs towards him.Taremeredzwa smiles seeing his fast growing boy run towards him, he squats a bit to lift his boy. “Daddy mandivigirei?” the inquisitive boy asks with surprising anticipation because clearly he was holding nothing.

Coincidentally Taremedzwa is sampling Winky D’s Daddy Maiitei. He briefly smiles but gets honest and Frank with his son, at least those are some of the qualities that we the South Samorans grow up with, the acceptance of the truth and facing reality straight in its eyes. “Pakaipa chimudhara, daddy vakatsva zvegore rese” . That “daddy vakatsva zvegore rese ” statement could sound rhetoric or somewhat figurative, but the odds of it being literal were higher than the percentage of unemployed graduates in the country.

Getting a decent job with no salary hiccups was as Logically impossible as perfectly tessellating circles and trapezoids. As much as the situation was pulling strands of Taremedzwa’s hair one a day, he seemed to have a bagful of hope. Though sometimes tempted to resort to unconventional means of placing some food on the table, his conscience barely allowed the ethics down that immorality sieve. He had dreams that somewhat, someday he would visit North Samora on an educational spree of completing his Masters in Business administration. Somewhat he had the hope that it will increase his odds of getting a job.

Taremeredzwa briefly chats with Tapiwa as they walk towards home. The bliss they have is not reflective of their situation. They then part ways near the gate as Tapiwa runs to rejoin his mates.

Taremeredzwa was trying to get to terms with reality, objectivity and fate. Nothing amounted to anything in a myriad of aspects of his life. Well he had prospered flawlessly and exceptionally on his academics, a holder of a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering. Life had definitely shattered doors for Taremedzwa. Jobless with so much responsibilities to cater for was a balancing scale of sand and straw.
Consumed by rage, stress and a state of depleting faith.He was one of the generality that would make you think twice on advising your child on that “dzidza ugorarama zvakanaka” statement.

The political mockery that the north houses lights up flames of rage which is extinguished by certain incapabilities. The disparity line drawn by a minister of youth empowerment driving a limited edition of a BMW and the “empowered” youth playing cat and mouse with city council police. Socially, economically and politically the Northeners are irrevocably opinionated, you barely convince them, that is if you manage to. Sasha is a general degree holder just like Taremeredzwa, 25 and relatively successful. Beautiful daughter of a former CEO of multiple companies, Mr Pundutso. Well Mr Pundutso always holds the merit for every post he gets, 25+years in a managerial post. However the merit is questionable, everything he leads gradually crumbles. He has several lawsuits against him but they are mysteriously slept on.

Sasha is driving the Range discovery 5, vividly resembling the masculinity that their family has stripped of Southern men who barely stand for what the believe in. Sarcastically she is playing TiGonzi’s Hurombo. Well as much as there is awkwardness, it would be unfair to crucify Sasha on that, she Is a staunch local hip hop fanatic.

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