zanu youths vow to resist presidential age limits changes
Pic: All Africa

The election is over, some got the result they wanted, others were met with disappointment and frustration. But with ZANU-PF having a majority in Parliament, the possibility of them amending some laws has not been ruled out. The insinuations are there.

One such is that the ruling party will change the presidential age limit, raising it so that it will no longer be the current 40 years required for one to run for president. It sounds sinister and regressive, really. It’s simply unacceptable. Being troubled by one person, (Nelson Chamisa) does not call for such barbaric measures.

But the ZANU-PF youths have vowed to resist these moves. Which is surprising. Or, say, this is clear absurdity which cannot be tolerated by anyone. The proposal has been termed “selfish and evil” and well, self-defeating.

“We will be engaging the leadership on the alleged proposal to raise the presidential age,” said Zanu PF youth league political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu in an interview.

“Why punish innocent generations, its alien to Zanu PF and it won’t see the light of the day.”

Yeah. Like that.

Tsenengamu is confident that ZANU youths will oppose this proposal in the strongest terms.

Good news, then.

Because we can’t be tolerating such nonsense.

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