Wakanda one village in Zim and zambia

Yeah, that’s what the Zimbabwean government has done. 2000ha of land have been pledged to the African Union for the Wakanda One village that will be shared by Zimbabwe and Zambia, as efforts to foster development across Southern Africa.

The concept behind this is to involve Africans living in the diaspora to initiate development at identified sites on the continent. So that’s how we are having a Wakanda One village [if this comes to fruition].

As quoted by The Herald, ” The pledge comes in handy in the country’s re-engagement efforts where it also seeks to court Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to contribute to the nation’s economic turnaround. “

Statements like these seem to invoke lots of skepticism. Especially when one takes into account the government’s proven poor track record. But well.

Oh, and before it may sound obscure or anything like that, it was President Emmerson Mnangagwa who made the pledge to the AU.

Return home and participate in the rebuilding of the continent seems to be the rallying point of this Wakanda One concept.

“Wakanda One – the building of African Centres of Excellence across Africa – is looking at building five centres, one in each region, which serve as growth nods for each region which should have downstream benefits for the population.”

“It will provide state of the art healthcare facilities using advanced technology and onsite pharmaceutical manufacturing.”

Well. That’s just about it.

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