The four-day Test that Zimbabwe is set to play against South Africa in December has had some changes effected to it, that will see a deviation from the five-day Test.

The change comes in the number of overs and the time to be played. The number of overs will be increased to a minimum of 98 overs per day. This is an increase from the minimum 90 overs for five-day Tests. Play will be extended for an extra thirty minutes to accommodate the new number of overs.

The ICC confirmed this, adding South Africa has the discretion to set its own times for the sessions to be played.

A first-innings lead of 150 will be enough to enforce the follow-on, 50 runs fewer than the runs required in five-day Test cricket.

The Test will be the first 4-day Test in the history of first-class cricket, and with Zimbabwe having regained their form of late, they seek to produce the best from this historic Boxing Day Test match.

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