Seh Calaz 2019

Okay. Fam. Seh Calaz is doing the most right now. And his current work ethic is solidifying his status as one of the finest dancehall chanters in Zimbabwe.

Seh Calaz has been releasing singles, under the tag Kudhonza Maropes Singles. And these singles do really give you a true ZimDancehall feel, but a feel that has matured and has mastered the sound perfectly.

Seh Calaz’s latest songs in 2019 are cementing his position as one of the best ZimDancehall artists in the country.

He is simply unstoppable.

What’s making him unstoppable is that he is even releasing visuals for these singles. And these are not just rushed videos. These are well-thought out videos that are executed in a boss-manner. Oh,he is called Boss Yala by the way.

Anyway, we have been impressed with his works. Seh Calaz is doing justice to those who believe in him. To those who are his hardcore fans. He is doing it well.

The latest single he released is called Ndini, and it just epitomizes how Seh Calaz has matured in the ZimDancehall industry,and in the Zimbabwean music industry at large.

He has so far released quite a number of visuals. We are just going to post them here so that you can feel the mature Seh Calaz, the Man of God!

“Ndiri Man of God,parikuda kudhonzwa maropes”

Do tell us what you think about Seh Calaz’s work for 2019 so far!

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