Seh Calaz supports mbanje-farming in Zimbabwe in the song Mbanje
Seh Calaz

We all know that ZimDancehall artist Seh Calaz has long been a staunch supporter of weed. Ever since he entered the game in 2012-13, we all know him for songs supporting drugs.

Now, recently, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government legalized the farming of cannabis (mbanje) and there was a lot of talk around it. And for ZimDancehall, this is their preserve. Someone from the camp simply had to add their voice to Dr. David Parirenyatwa issuing a Statutory Instrument legalizing the production of cannabis in Zimbabwe.

Seh Calaz has added his endorsement to this new development through the new song Mbanje. Mbanje is a song openly supporting mbanje, and low-key supporting Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Seh Calaz does well to bring the ghetto narrative in the use of marijuana in Zimbabwe and an apparent approval of what the ED-led government has done. With the usual use of excellent rhyming patterns, Mbanje is a pleasure to the ears of any ZimDancehall fan. And even to those who don’t listen to ZimDancehall, say even Zim Hip Hop or something else, the song has a melodious feel.

You gotta give enough credit to ZimDancehall producer Marlon T who always comes with true Dancehall sounds and he surely gives life to the song.

The song Mbanje by Seh Calaz however has a tinge of misinformation in it. Seh Calaz sings this song as if recreational use of weed has been legalized, which is not the case here. It’s only marijuana production that has been legalized and you can only do so after getting an array of licences and so forth.

So yeah, mbanje has been legalized but not for you to be smoking it for fun. You will still get arrested my friend.

Seh Calaz and Marlon T brought out a jam from ZimDancehall. It’s a good song.

The way Seh Calaz alludes to ED’s slogans like “kuvukura” and “pasi nemhandu” is, as said before, ka low-key support of ED. But of weed in the broader picture.

But anyway, talegalizer mbanje.

We however fear this song could lead to the increase of drug abuse in Zimbabwe.

You could have a different opinion, listen to the song below:

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