Amid the clouding controversy, Scrip Mula argues that he did not mention Jnr Brown’s name during an interview with one of the country’s leading tabloids, H-Metro.

A headline appeared in H-Metro that read, “Jnr Brown’s music is old: Scrip Mula.” This saw a barrage of attacks being targeted at Scrip Mula, with fans trying to fathom how Scrip Mula could get entangled in such namedropping. According to the article, Scrip Mula said that his group is making more impact that Few Kings.

Scrip Mula argues that this was fake news. Mula says that want he only wanted was to promote his new EP. He says that the mere mention of his EP bringing about a new different sound was the basis of such false statements. He also says that the journalist who interviewed him is not the one who wrote the article.

One thing with journalists is that if you make a statement while no careful they can use that as the basis of any story they want to push forward to make headlines.

SpekkTrumn is of the opinion that maybe Scrip Mula was intoxicated and made “not-so-subtle” comments, which the journalist ran away with.

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