So, we may just be in love with Lindi Marc, and her music of course.

Lindi Marc is gradually but firmly becoming that face of gospel music, a genre that has been quite in turbulence following the success of other urban music genres. But Lindi Marc is loyal to her self-identification as a Christian, and it is this aspect we love.

In her new single titled Faithfulness, she shows us just how versatile she is. Her message is strong, as is her sound in conveying the message too.

Faithfulness hinges on the aspect of self-identification as a Christian and has a groovy sound, something that will definitely capture the fickle attention of the young population.

After that song Vhurai Nzira from her debut album Vhurai Nzira, we knew this is a woman of unwavering consistency.

She still needs to do more in order to make herself a concrete brand in the country. We believe she will fare well in this endeavour.

But still, the new single has a feel we love, especially for Gospel music.

So, listen to the song and tell us what you think below:

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