Repressed view – An Africa they never show Africa as a continent is “known” to be a hub of poverty, hunger, malady stricken, barbaric and somewhat an averagely illiterate continent. Mostly negative pictures are publicised about Africa. Africa houses innumerable beautiful, unique and admirable aspects that the world is not talking about. The nature and wonders of Africa, the beautiful languages, the fashion, the music, the art, the uniquely united societies, the carefully preserved cultural heritage, the societal integrity and the repressed history (the myths, legends and real life ).

Basically, there are a lot of unaddressed tales about Africa. The participating poets will unleash their expertise as we give the world a portion of Africa that they haven’t tasted. Special thanks to Valentine Tusai and Prosper Wilton the guys who have sponsored their book and merchandise as prizes for the competition.African Sketches Publishing is offering a publishing deal to the winner . Shoutout to Clemence Batsirai who has sponsored the funds for the airtime prize .

Poets and writers are encouraged to join in the fun and submit for the competition. The submissions will be voted for through an online poll.

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