By Hlongwani Buhlebenkosi

The Oyos music festival which will be held on the 14th and 15th of December at the University of Zimbabwe and Long Chen Plaza is there to focus on artist appreciation and recognition.

The first event will be on the 14th of December and the venue is the University of Zimbabwe starting at 9 am till 3 pm in Great hall, There will be artist workshop and looking at how to make money as an artist, artist branding, how to write a project proposal, how to write a budget and collective bargaining, applied drama and theatre workshops. On the 15th of December it will be at Long Cheng plaza starting at 9am till late. There will be arts exhibitions, Poetry, comedy, drama, dance, music shows and fashion show.

The main focus of the Oyos Music Festival is supporting local artists, which is why Oyos Music is trying to push more on the local artists but however not leaving out regional and international artists. That being said there are artists from Zambia and South Africa that are expected to attend the 2-day event.

Oyos Music team said that artists are being pulled down by piracy. “We believe that if an artist makes a product, they have to sell the product and make money out of it. We have realized that these artist are not making profit from their sales because they make their product and next it’s on the streets people just “burn” and sell the music on cheap prices and the money does not go to the artist.”

With Oyos Music, the artist gets 70% and the Oyos music get 30% and with the help of the internet the artists’ publicity has been enhanced across borders and benefits to their products.

The festival is being organized by the Oyos Music team in partnership with ZimHost, Jibilika, Pamberi Trust, Fashion Hub, University of Zimbabwe, Long Cheng plaza, Spice Ray Music, Kampira Entertainment, Empire, University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, Star FM and Zi Fm.



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