Politics is very strange. And politicians are some strange people. Also, because of politics, people come up with the most weird beliefs, rules and policies. One centre of power falls into this category.

It baffles the mind why some people would want one centre of power. Of course, people are allowed to go with whatever doctrine they feel is the most suitable for them, and that if we are not in such political parties it is none of our business. Well, that is very much understood. But we find it strange.

One centre of power revolves around the whole issue of leaving power in the hands of one person, authority or institution. Such a person or authority decide on almost everything that has to do with their political parties (in this context). Such a person or authority have all the power with them. There is no decentralization, there is no devolution of power and delegation certain key responsibilities solely lies with them.

Of key importance to note is how dangerous this misguided concept is to the society. It breeds and cultivates a perfect environment for autocracy to thrive. Just imagine a situation where you have unlimited powers. You literally feel like doing anything because you know for sure that no one is going to question you no matter what. They may dare question your motive, whether apparent or ulterior, but they will have to be ready to face the dreadful consequences of such actions.

One centre of power is toxic, and political parties in Zimbabwe must refrain from such. Some opposition parties are slowly adopting this concept. And this has led to numerous and endless squabbles especially among the top echelons and this derails the efforts of a collective fight against the main originators of the one centre of power in this country.

One centre of power is one of the many ways in which we get to see how politics is basically warped.

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