Turn Me Up is that video that evokes another side in you that is probably being repressed. Not to speak of uncouth behaviour or anything of that sort, but a rallying call to fully enjoy yourself.

Mussa Effect has collaborated with Cal Vin and MaQk in coming up with a video that has a simple and unequivocal message: Turn me up, don’t turn me down. Cal Vin resorts to his impressive vernacular rap in encapsulating how much the human soul is yearning to be let free, to be in its rawest form, to experience life.

The visuals and graphics of the video are clear enough as far as being turned up is concerned. Mussa Effect conveys a persuasive effect in this video, as can be seen at the beginning of the video when he signals a cry, a cry that simply says turn me up, don’t turn me down. Pop bottles, celebrate life. It’s got that vibe your soul may long for.

It’s a video about exuding liveliness and fun. Well, fun. Like “we are still alive, let’s enjoy ourselves.” Your views may be divergent, watch the video below:


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