Before the review starts, this is to fully assure that Nib Crouch is still very active in the hip hop game. He has gone nowhere.

Since October, Nib Crouch had not released anything yet. This was having a resultant effect of making fans and other stakeholders think that Nib Crouch is no longer there. That maybe he is no longer rapping. But alas, he has bounced back with a banging and dope track called Zvepondo.

Zvepondo is heavily influenced by South African hip hop since the style and beat are very inclined to the South African rap. As clearly heard in the track, one can feel the voice of a rapper who doesn’t want to be stopped. A voice who doesn’t give a damn about what other people may try to do against him.

Zvepondo is produced by Swayzz Beats and is a full assurance to the fans that Nib Crouch hasn’t abandoned rap, and will never leave rap. The song seems to be a protest. A protest at some hurdle that has tried to impede the success of Nib Crouch.

That the song is an assurance to fans is obvious.

Listen to Zvepondo on on this ReverbNation link

You can but it through this link

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