These are artists whom some have been following recently. Young, energetic and hardworking artists who give us something to enjoy.

Nash Milli’s new song My Lady is a pure love song. Love songs always leave one in a position where you think of getting a new bae, or questioning whether your current bae is doing it all right. The lyrics in the song make one believe that after all true love exists.

Natasha Muz has a powerful, lovely voice that makes the chorus an enjoyable and gives it the vibe it deserves. She engenders the theme of love effectively and clearly. She appreciates the love being given to her, and she does very well in that.

Natasha Muz is very talented.

My Lady is a song about mutual love. It is not a one-sided discourse. All the lyrics point to a flourishing love relationship that is dialogical, open, and anchored in trust. Anyway it is just a song.

The song was produced by Washa T, while it was mixed and mastered by Brythreesixty.

A lovely track that you may love. Your views could be divergent. Listen to the song below:


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