There’s something lovely that always comes with the beautiful fusion of different music styles and genres.

Nargee does this remarkably well in his new song Chinekeh Meh (3-version) which is an immaculate fusion of Afro-pop (Nigerian) and Hip-Hop (Zimbabwean). In his new song Nargee comes up with a piece of work that is extracted from Nigerian singer Ezi Emela’s classic Chineke Meh, which he spices with some good rap and awesome African instrumentals.

The dominant love theme is one to adore. In the song Nargee is talking to a female whose body and moves on the floor he finds fascinating and the chorus part (by Ezi Emela ) the female acknowledges ” Daddy Nargee / Mush-A-Ruqua saying “you make me say chinekeh meh.”

It’s that song that captures your imagination.

Listen to the song below:

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