Enzo Ishall latest songs 2018 - Ukunzwa

Basically, this song goes like, “hey, stop whatever you’re doing and listen to what I’m saying here”.

Enzo Ishall has amazed many people with his brilliant voice and consistent style of approaching ZimDancehall, acknowledged for unique stories that captivate the attention of the listener.

Ukunzwa, a new song he has released, borders on this, and reveals to us how Enzo Ishall is kind of loyal to his way of singing.

When listened to closely, it’s quite a good song. When listened to passively, don’t say he was just blabbering and imploring you to listen to whatever he was saying.

The song is off the Togona Riddim produced by Samcris/Digital Claim Records.

Listen to Ukunzwa below and reach your own verdict of the song:



  1. This is amazing and it shows Zimbabwe in Music industry we are growing and I believe we are the one of the best in Africa

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