A Martin’s musical journey has been an exhilarating one. It’s been one that has been laden with something palpable.

Now he’s back with another sizzling tune called Tsvarakadenga. Obviously, it is important to note that this is A. Martin’s first love song. Yeah, his first love song. And it’s a good one. One can’t say the song is horrible and awful. The love theme seems to a favourite for many young artists. They flourish well in that aspect.

For us, this song is a huge step. It is like a milestone. And one thing that we really love about A. Martin is his apparent penchant for collaboration. See, A. Martin is that one artists who believes in success through collective efforts. His music is a clear testimony to this. In the new song TSVARAKADENGA, A.Martin features with Taylor and Boi Jeysz, who bring forth to life a song that is awesome. Like really really awesome.

Tsvarakadenga is a full appreciation of woman in her wholeness. Her beauty, intelligence, her heart, her soul, a million things. The love. It’s a blissful song.


The link for the song on iTunes will be available soon.

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