Following the success of Inoita, Shiddoh Brown has decided to make it more nuanced, and to bring a more refined form of rap by doing a remix of it.

The original only featured Cal Vin and Soul Jah Love, but the remix features a number of talented artists. The beat is again different, satisfying the essence of a remix, and to accommodate the different voices on the remix.

Soul Jah Love maintains the excellent form of the chorus, and Shiddoh Brown’s rap becomes more defined.

The various artistes on the remix give it a true feel of how a remix sounds like. The hard-hitting bars, the rhymes, the metaphors and the similes all make the remix an irresistible one.

We pretty much love Miss Mcayz’s verse. Well, including Marcques’. And WaMambo’s.

The coherence between the verses is quite beautiful.

Having been accustomed to the original Inoita, you may feel otherwise. Hence, listen to the song below and tell us what you think:



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