A couple of weeks ago the Judgement Yard Volume 27 mixtape was dropped and it has been fire in people’s ears. Etherton and DJ Flevah did their best in bringing another banging ReggaeDancehall mixtape that is proving to be a lot better that the previous mixes they did.

The mix is predominantly Reggae in its outlook. This is clearly seen from the intro, which is very superb. The first song in the mix is a major throwback; it opens with the popular song You Caught My Eyes by Judy Boucher. It gets one in the mood for sizzling Reggae. As Etherton puts it in the mix, “its music for mature people.” The Reggae throwbacks set the tone for the mix, with the second song being Journey Home by Jimmy Cliff. It’s that kind of Reggae that is capable of washing away all your problems. For the intro, Etherton and Flevah did an extremely awesome job. With their usual effects, it’s the perfect intro you want on a ReggaeDancehall mix.

The Reggae tracks continue, and at around 14 minutes a Busy Signal track drops. It’s not Judgement Yard if there Busy Signal tracks are absent. After this track, the change is felt by the Dancehall touch introduced. The Crown Love Riddim takes effect, and brings that perfect sense of diversity in such a mixtape. The Crown Love Riddim features Chris Martin, Vybz Kartel, Tarrus Riley and other artists. Crown Love Riddim provides the complete start of Volume 27. Tarrus Riley’s song on the Crown Love Riddim seems like a consolation to heartbroken men. It’s befitting it got played last on Crown Love’s rotation.

Etherton does his apt talking in between the songs. The theme of love continues after the Crown Love Riddim with Chris Martin’s Is this love. It’s a Dancehall track, which is not hardcore in its nature. Chris Martin hardly sings on hardcore Dancehall beats (although at the end there’s his mad Dancehall track with Busy Signal).

The Reggae comes in again at around 27 minutes into the mix, with the Sounds of Joy Riddim. The Sounds of Joy Riddim takes the longest in the mix. It features Sizzla Kalonji, I-Octane, Jah Vinci and may other artists. Etherton drops his mad bars which keep you hooked on the mix. The riddim was put midway through the mix, the wisest of the choices when doing such a mix. The Sounds of Joy has real-life messages that leave you contemplating. On this riddim I really loved Sizzla’s and I-Octane’s tunes.

At around 37 minutes, the Sounds of Joy riddim is put to an end. It seems as if Ettherton and Flevah had a penchant for belting love tunes. What follows is Romain Virgo’s lovely track Love Sick. This track speaks a lot, a real lot. In most mixes, Romain Virgo is always featured. The other tracks on this riddim (Love Sick Riddim) were not played. Personally I would have loved it if the other tracks on this riddim were played. But Romain Virgo’s song is so deep you just feel like the whole riddim has been played when only one song was put on the playlist.

The lover’s lane. That’s what Etherton called the mix. And it’s true. After Romain Virgo, Busy Signal comes in again with his hit song Never Gonna Give You Up. An assurance of true love. On a slow beat. The love songs in this mix are so coherent. They are just the perfect. Chris Martin, whom I think just sings love songs and nothing else, comes in after Busy Signal with the song “Caribbean Pirate.” Etherton sings along to the song, although he was taking it too far.

Someone mentioned to me how Busy Signal, Chris Martin and Vybz Kartel dominated this mix. What comes next is an all-Dancehall song in which Chris Martin collaborated with Busy Signal. It’s called Steppin. It’s a song they drop to break the Reggae domination and to bring the diversity.

Whereas the start of the mix was Reggae, the end of the mix is Dancehall. It’s so perfect. General Degree’s hot track Feeling Irie will make you feel like going to the club immediately. It evokes the dancing in you. Feeling Irie makes you feel irie! There’s no Judgement Yard without Vybz Kartel, the King of the Dancehall. Two Vybz Kartel tracks feature towards the end, including his smash hit Colouring Thing.

Overall, Volume 27 is on another level altogether. Volume 28 promises to be more Dancehall inclined. This is because of the fire track that closes the Volume 27 mix, which is a Dancehall one, and Etherton said, “This is a sneak preview of Volume 28.”

You can stream/download Judgement Yard Volume 27 below:



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