Jah prayzah chitubu album- dzamutsana

Jah Prayzah launched his album Chitubu and there has been excitement over the project.

There is a general feeling that the original Jah Prayzah whom the Zimbabwean fans fell in love with is now back. Emphatically back.

The video for the song Dzamutsana which is part of the album is beyond impressive. It’s too remarkable. Pristine, cutting-edge, telling a clear and beautiful story. It’s such a powerful video.

Jah Prayzah has evolved immensely and with the Dzamutsana video one gets the impression of how he has blended his modernity touch and his traditional touch at the same time. A balance that was struck off perfectly.

This would not have come to life without the services of Vusa Blaqs, who directed the video. Lots of credits to him.

Watch Dzamutsana below and tell us what you think:

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