The 5th of August 2017 saw the birth of a new opposition coalition that has seemingly inspired some hope in the populace, while on the other hand other remain skeptical as usual.

People converged at the Zimbabwe Grounds to bear witness to the rise of a new coalition of opposition parties that included MDC-T, MDC, Zimbabwe People First, PDP, Transform Zimbabwe and others. The leadership of the new coalition was immediately assumed by the MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The usual narrative went on: If elected, they will revive the economy. Tsvangirai said that the alliance had been crafted as per the people’s demands and that they had learned their mistakes from years of fragmentation especially the MDC parties that split from Tsvangirai’s party. The leaders who took turns to speak also took time to encourage the crowds to register and vote.

It may seem to have ushered a new epoch in the country’s endless struggle to dismantle the regime that is keen on ruling forever. However it is yet to be seen whether this opposition force will provide the resistance seen in 1999-2008, when MDC, which also became MDC-T was at its strongest. Many people widely believe that in 2008 Tsvangirai won the election but the results were manipulated to tip the scales in Mugabe’s favour. That’s what many believe.

All is not well within the opposition as there are reports top officials snubbed the alliance rally. Absolute unity is yet to be achieved. And fresh reports are emerging that Morgan’s deputy Ms Thokozani Khupe has been heavily assaulted by a score of thugs because she did not attend the rally and had raised some serious objections on Tsvangirai’s decision to walk into the coalition. Tensions are brewing in MDC-T’s and Biti’s camp.

With such divergent views taking precedence, many would like to question whether this is the strongest opposition that Zimbabwe has seen and is capable of dislodging Mugabe. With the hope that the differences are resolved, the coalition has the potential of being ZANU-PF’s biggest nightmare in their history.

The much-hyped coalition is here. The achievement is appreciated but questions still have to be raised. Because ostensibly all is not well as of yet.


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