Africa is a continent that has experienced a lot of growth and it continues to exude great potential.

However, politically, this has not been the case for the rest of the continent. Only a few countries such as Botswana stand out as the quintessential forms of African development both politically and economically.

For the majority of the countries, real development within the ambit of politics and economics is a seemingly remote possibility. For countries to have robust economies, the politics would have been in good shape to provide a conducive environment for such. When one looks at the incessant electoral disputes plaguing the nations of the continent, a lot is left to be desired.

This has led some critics to be of the view that Africa is regressing politically. This is so because the form of democracy imposed on us by the colonialists is not the one we need. Examples of the sit-tight syndrome (where presidents do not want to leave power) are thus cited.

It could be that the forms of politics we have are totally compatible with the Africans but that a few have used these to their advantage to maintain a strong grip on power. Either way, undesirable results are obtained.

Africa has great room for improvement. With the progression of time, it is yet to be seen whether the continent will fully mature both economically and politically.

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