It has been a common occurrence in Zimbabwean football that players are not paid their salaries and bonuses. They may even go for months and months without a single cent being put in their accounts.

The situation at How Mine has become a cause for concern in the Zimbabwe football fraternity. When they were massacred by Dynamos 6-0. it revealed the underlying issues that could be hindering performance at the club. The result blessed Dynamos with records and a plethora of many other achievements. But what about resolving the issue at How Mine?

Players at How Mine have gone for a whole three months without pay. Players are owed money, but they have been patient all these months. They have endured stoically this debacle, and are bearing it all. When the club suffered that heavy loss to Dynamos, some players were absent in protest to the issue prevailing at the club.

When How Mine entered into various contracts with their players, it is obvious that they ought to pay them on time. The fact that How Mine is a football club legally registered means that they should also pay their players on time since they are employing the players.

These players need to get their salaries and wages on time, not for them to stage sit-ins and boycotts. This only amounts to embarrassment on the part of the club. In the event that the problem persists, How Mine could be easily dragged to the courts by its players and such measures are the last resorts. They need not go that direction.

How Mine must pay their players, and must pay their players on time.

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