SoulDeepZim - Pese Pese EP

It’s music which speaks to the mind, music which appeals to the soul, music which gives the body energy.

Pese Pese, the EP by SoulDeepZim, is a carefully crafted piece of art that resonates some of the excellence we have in Zimbabwean music. Add Zimbabwean house music.

There’s all signs of life in the EP, and it’s something that makes it unique.

The EP has six tracks only, tracks that are done well, reflecting a job well done by JDot.

We really like it. Tracks like Usadzoke clearly show the unhindered imaginative processes in terms of how we handle our emotions when it comes to matters of the heart. Pese Pese, which also carries the title of the EP, shows what the EP is all about. Celebrate life. Live life. Enjoy.

Pieces of Me is an excellent part of the EP, there’s just lots of description about heartbreaks. Beauty does well in opening the EP, and so does Vachataura Vanhu in closing the EP.

Listen to the EP below and tell us what you think:


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