As I was reading an editorial in one of Zimbabwe’s leading dailies, it really struck me that the whole Zodwa issue has distracted us from what we ought to deal with and fight on a daily basis.

Zodwa WaBantu, a popular South African entertainer famed for her unorthodox way of entertaining people saw herself being banned from the Harare Carnival by the Government after a petition was filed by a Zimbabwean actress Anne Nhira. The issue drew mixed reactions, with the majority of Zimbabweans expressing their incredulity and anguish over what had happened. After all who is Nhira to disallow a fellow entertainer from doing what she knows best? It happened anyway.

The Zimbabwean government came under serious attack for its majoring in petty issues. The Government is concerned whether an entertainer should wear panties or not. And yet there is a myriad of challenges bedeviling the country which the Government is turning a blind eye to!

Political mess. That’s what characterizes Zimbabwe. The government has diverted everyone’s attention to such petty matters, so that people lose their focus from the real things that have to be addressed.

It’s Zimbabwe. We live in a country where strange decisions from the Government are the order of the day.

While the real issues which have to be tackled are ignored.

After all, Zodwa is still going to perform in the country without her panties at one of the country’s top strip clubs, Private Lounge.

Utter madness.

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